50 and “Freaking”!

Ok, so you all know I’m a few years into my 50’s already and I’m not dealing with it very well!  I have been trying to find a product that will erase the years of abuse I’ve dished out to my body.  I hate watching tutorials of young girls showing older women what makeup we should use and watching older woman with great skin show me a product that will work on my not so great skin.   I’m sure most women have a daily beauty routine that probably include a good scrub and moisturizer, but I’m searching for products that can help those of us that didn’t always put the effort into taking care of our skin.  Heck, there have been nights that I crawled in bed with a face full of makeup still on and tried to channel my inner “geisha girl” sleeping on my back so the makeup would stay in place for breakfast.


I started doing Botox a few years ago but like everything else, I wasn’t consistent.  I didn’t do my research to find a qualified doctor and ended up with a few botched jobs (some of you may remember) and had to live with a crooked mouth and one seriously arched eyebrow for 6 months!  Even worse was the opposite eyebrow was drooping so bad I had to use my finger to open my eye in the mornings.


While I’ve yet to find that miracle product that erases years, I did find a really nice foundation that doesn’t settle into the fine lines and wrinkles.  I love that it comes with it’s own concealer. I was skeptical at first but I love this concealer, it’s as nice as the foundation and they both cover well without feeling too heavy.  I advise you to go lite on the finishing spray, I found using my normal amount took away from the “dewy” look it gives your skin.


Take some Advice from a Dumb Blonde, La Prairie Skin Caviar Foundation is ”freaking” good!  It’s expensive but thick so you don’t need to use much.  I found a bottle on Amazon.de (German Amazon) for 50.00 Euro.


I’m including a tutorial by the beautiful (and young) Chloe Morello so you can see how good the foundation looks and how bright the concealer is.






My fabulous daughter informed me about animal testing so I made sure to include the article below showing La Prairie is CRUELTY FREE!



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