Points for staying at an Airbnb???

Found another good travel post talking about points for staying at an Airbnb.  We rarely stay at a hotel anymore for several reasons…I mean why try to fit 2 adults and one “monster” in a small hotel room when I can get a condo or home for the same price or better!  It’s always nice to have a kitchen (I actually like cooking now) and dining room to enjoy a meal or two so we aren’t eating out 3 times a day! If we’re doing a long stay I usually try to find one with a washer/dryer so we can pack lighter. All the pluses of an Airbnb and now we get travel points…that’s a no brainer!

Here’s part of the article from blogger Points Guy and Points & Miles backpacker:

If You’re Booking an Airbnb

Rumblings of an Airbnb loyalty program have been around for a while, but so far, nothing has materialized. However, there are several stackable options to earn a decent return on your stay.

Delta’s Airbnb Portal

All you have to do is go to this link, click through and enter your Delta SkyMiles number, and you’ll be taken to Airbnb’s website. Any booking made during your session will earn you one mile per dollar spent.

Earn one Delta Skymile
Earn one mile per dollar spent on Airbnb simply by booking through this link.
Buying Airbnb Gift Cards

If you’re planning to rent an apartment or home for your trip, be sure to check your local pharmacies, office supply stores or grocery stores for Airbnb gift cards. If you have cards that earn bonuses at any of these merchants, it can help boost your earnings significantly. Otherwise, purchasing Airbnb gift cards through the Mileage Plus X App will currently earn you 2 Mileage Plus miles per dollar spent, plus a 25% bonus, if you have a United card like the United Explorer Card, which you don’t actually have to use.

But if you’re seeking simplicity, Chase codes Airbnb as a travel provider, so you can still get 3x points using the Chase Sapphire Reserve.


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