Travel clothes?????

Our tickets back home are confirmed and the travel dates are fast approaching. Once again I find myself digging through my closet wondering what to wear on the plane.  It fascinates me to see what people chose to wear when they travel, some chose to go all out with stilettos and short dresses while others dumb it way down in sweatpants and ponytails.  Guys are no different, some show up in their suits, while others are in clothes that look like they’ve been slept in for a few days before checking in for their flight. I’m equally as fascinated by what people wear to pick up their family/friends, some are dressed to impress while others look like they set an alarm to wake 10 min before arrival.

I’ve spent a lot of hours lurking in airports and after looking at a few magazines (reading makes me sleepy 😉 ) my next favorite activity, assuming I don’t have a drinking buddy with me is “people watching” (is that a sport cause I’m good at it!).

There might have been a time when I’d suffer in an uncomfortable outfit so I looked nice when I made my debut through the gate and into the waiting crowd but those days have long passed! Still, I don’t want to completely give up, there must be something in between uncomfortable and lackadaisical. My latest obsession has been with blazers, I pair them with my dressy spandex pants.  But here’s the problem, I am now over 50 and fear I am trying to dress like I’m 25??

A dear friend recently told me I over think things and I’m beginning to think it’s true! Over thinking or not I’m determined to find travel clothes that make sense.  I decided to google “travel clothes” and while some great looking shirts, skirts and dresses came up I was surprised to see mostly light colored clothes?? Have these designers actually traveled?  If they did then clearly these designers never miss when trying to shovel a fork full of noodles in their mouth in a partially reclined airline seat, while staring at the tv screen in front of them (not that looking at my food would help me). Not to mention timing the wave of turbulence that seems to hit every time I take a drink of red wine!

EE462A79-BA42-45B2-A71C-296284D921DBI’ve spent no less than 4 hours staring at the only shopping place I have at the moment (still recovering from surgery)…AMAZON.DE.  You all know I slink my way through many goodwill stores in the states just to find crazy outfits that match my “throwback 70’s look” but trust me…I’m picky.  I hate cheap colors and cheap fabric is even worse. I need something that wont wrinkle when I sleep my way to my next destination (putting me in motion always makes me sleep). I need my outfit to hide the food that I drop, the drink that I spill and God forbid the sweat marks I get when overheated from the run to my connecting flight.  

I don’t follow any designers but I really like some of PattyBoutik shirts/dresses.  I made the mistake of ordering CE PattyBoutik here in Germany and the quality isn’t the same! I’ve got a few options for shirts (I’m not giving up my dressy spandex pants!) but my search this morning was for the right shoes.  I’m sick of wearing sketchers, every “older lady” out there is in a pair of sketchers these days. I ran across a designer that makes shoes and pocketbooks named Laura Vita, she has some serious 70’s looking shoes that caught my eye but not sure how comfortable they are.

The hunt for a good pair of travel shoes continues….better brew another pot of coffee!

 Below is the link to PattyBoutik:

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