Cheese board obsession….

Remember those commercials that stated “a family that eats together stays together”?  Well I gave birth to a couple of “dine and dashers”, picky eaters and all together “too busy with life” to sit in one spot too long (typical I’m sure). I was tired of the never ending parent vs teenager “you need to eat healthier” fight and wanted to find away to keep them at the table long enough to have a civil conversation.  Look, I’m all for disciplining and enforcing when needed (for those that will say “just make them sit there”) but I tried to practice “clever parenting” in order to keep relationships in tact and my nightly wine to a minimum.


My solution, a cheese board.  Sounds simple right? While it didn’t always engage them as long as I wanted it did make our meals more fun and I was able to get more than just a hand full of fishies in their bellies.  Even though both kids are grown and rarely home for dinner I serve up a cheese board most every night. Recently I started taking my “cheese board skills” to the next level with upgraded cheeses like the latest truffle cheese (the small white round one in the picture below) and authentic Iberico ham (discovered how good it was on our trip to Spain, it’s just better!).


Take some Advice from a Dumb Blonde, add a cheese board to your next dinner and enjoy the extra time with family at the table!

Best cheese ever!                                           Cheese board of the day!


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