Premium Economy on Sale to Europe!

Just read that British Airways and American Airlines are offering discounted fares in Premium Economy to Europe.  I just Google Flights and found cheap flights through Christmas!  If you want to hit the famous Christmas Markets here in Germany for a long weekend you could catch a flight out on Dec. 6th Newark to Paris (who doesn’t want to see Paris at Christmas!) stay one night, rent a car (for as little as 70.00 3 days/unlimited miles) and drive over to Germany.  I’ve driven from Bad Godesberg Germany to Paris 5 times now and door to door (my door to the airport hotel) is about 5 hours…its shorter if you drive faster on the Autobahn 😉 .  If you want to experience the Christmas Markets but don’t want the long drive, you can hit Strasbourg France (Alsace France) in about 2 hours from Paris and from what I’ve read, it has an amazing Christmas Market (one of the oldest in Europe).

Take some Advice from a Dumb Blonde, Make this year’s Christmas present a trip to Europe, it might be a hectic 4 days but I like the gift of travel…it is the kind of gift that lasts a lifetime!

Credit to the Points Guy for alerting us of the discounted fares! 

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